Kid Apollo

Smokescreen – Out Now

2 months ago today I was getting myself ready to head to Start Together Studio Belfast to record new music. The result is a song called ‘Smokescreen’, and it’s out today! (Gotta love that quick turnaround time 😎)


Big thank you’s go to @michaelbell1012 for reaching out and sorting out the recording and mixing and being so helpful throughout the entire process, to @_v1ncente_ and @iamthematt for providing bass and drums and all your ideas that brought the track to life! (And also Wendy Indome for giving me somewhere to stay when my plans fell through during a stressy week 😌)

And of course none of it would be possible without the funding of Help Musicians which I am very grateful for! ❤️

So enough now of the blabbin, get listening to Smokescreen on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, whatever keeps your boat afloat 🚤

Stay blessed stay humble

KA x