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GIG: Bennigans, 15th November 2022


Well folks, I’m lucky to be supporting Search Party as they kick off their Ireland & UK tour in Derry! Catch me in Bennigans on 15th November alongside Clodagh May, I reckon it may be a bit class? 🥳

Ticket link is here:…/search-party-bennigans…

One Week of Four Fires

My Head Spun Out 😵‍💫

My new EP has been out for over a week. I don’t usually use the term, but the reaction to it has been quite heartwarming to be honest. Every play or mention gives me a little buzz and I love hearing someone’s enjoyment from it.

So… more of it!

More announcements soon 🤗

📸Rory Maguire Visuals

Four Fires – Out Now


‘Four Fires’ EP is out now. 13 minutes. A Summer documented in 4 songs. The sound of stepping out of my comfort zone. An important stepping stone full of upbeat tunes (and one downbeat one). Them’s the facts. When you listen to it you can make up your own mind about it ✌️

I’m not great at the self promotion but I like doing a good “thank you”. So in the spirit of that…

Thank you so much Michael Bell of Start Together Studio Belfast for helping me produce, record and mix these songs over a number of weeks, and making this EP a reality. 🙏

Big up The Rhythm Section for beefing up ‘Smokescreen’ and giving it a funky spirit 🤟

My thanks once again to Marsden Mastering for absolutely nailing the mastering process first time and the words of encouragement.

And of course to Help Musicians for their support, because I literally couldn’t have made it without them!

The link is below to listen to it. I’m very happy about this one. 😌 I appreciate all the support ❤️


Four Fires – 13th October 2022

🔥🔥 There. She. Is. 🔥🔥

I can tell ya that my new EP of freshly recorded songs will be out next Wednesday 12th October. It’s called ‘Four Fires’ and took roughly one Summer to make. It’s been a real learning experience and the most memorable EP making process I’ve had so far thanks to Michael Bell and Start Together Studio Belfast

I’ll be very happy and proud to have it out in the world!

The pre save link for Spotify is here:

(Apple Music folks please bear with me, hoping to get a pre save sorted for that this week) and sharing it with your nearest and dearest is down to you 🫵

Also if you pre order it on Bandcamp here:

you’ll get the first track immediately! 😵‍💫 Sounds like a good deal to me.

I’ll be back to check on yous in a little bit x


Smokescreen – Out Now

2 months ago today I was getting myself ready to head to Start Together Studio Belfast to record new music. The result is a song called ‘Smokescreen’, and it’s out today! (Gotta love that quick turnaround time 😎)


Big thank you’s go to @michaelbell1012 for reaching out and sorting out the recording and mixing and being so helpful throughout the entire process, to @_v1ncente_ and @iamthematt for providing bass and drums and all your ideas that brought the track to life! (And also Wendy Indome for giving me somewhere to stay when my plans fell through during a stressy week 😌)

And of course none of it would be possible without the funding of Help Musicians which I am very grateful for! ❤️

So enough now of the blabbin, get listening to Smokescreen on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, whatever keeps your boat afloat 🚤

Stay blessed stay humble

KA x

Smokescreen – 2nd September 2022

Aw what. The first fruit of my productive session at Start Together Studio Belfast last month is ripe and almost ready to consume! 😍

New single “Smokescreen” will be out next Friday 2nd September – pre-save it via the link below and let Spotify know I am hip and cool. 🤙

I’ll tell ya all about it in the coming days, in the meantime just jot that date down in your pretty wee diaries ✒️📔

(Spoiler: you will really enjoy it) x


A Night at Sandinos

What a wonderful night in Sandinos finally blowing the performance cobwebs off! It was a joy to be able to get myself on stage solo for the first time in one of my favourite bars in Derry with my friends and family there. Thanks to everyone who came and listened to me play 🎸 (and trip over my own jokes 🫣)

Onwards and upwards!


Sandinos Gig Announcement

Hello Facebook peeps! I have returned with news 😁

I’ll be having my first real life gig since before the pandemonium on 19th August!

Bloody buzzing to be playing in Sandinos alongside the likes of Clodagh May Music Polxroid SELADOR Villa In France and so many more on a night that will showcase a lot of the amazing different sounds that Derry has to offer as part of the 2022 Gasyard Féile celebrations! 🤩

Tickets are £5 for earlybirds so be one and nab some here! 🐧

More announcements soon 😋x