Kid Apollo

Four Fires – Out Now


‘Four Fires’ EP is out now. 13 minutes. A Summer documented in 4 songs. The sound of stepping out of my comfort zone. An important stepping stone full of upbeat tunes (and one downbeat one). Them’s the facts. When you listen to it you can make up your own mind about it ✌️

I’m not great at the self promotion but I like doing a good “thank you”. So in the spirit of that…

Thank you so much Michael Bell of Start Together Studio Belfast for helping me produce, record and mix these songs over a number of weeks, and making this EP a reality. 🙏

Big up The Rhythm Section for beefing up ‘Smokescreen’ and giving it a funky spirit 🤟

My thanks once again to Marsden Mastering for absolutely nailing the mastering process first time and the words of encouragement.

And of course to Help Musicians for their support, because I literally couldn’t have made it without them!

The link is below to listen to it. I’m very happy about this one. 😌 I appreciate all the support ❤️