Kid Apollo

Four Fires – 13th October 2022

🔥🔥 There. She. Is. 🔥🔥

I can tell ya that my new EP of freshly recorded songs will be out next Wednesday 12th October. It’s called ‘Four Fires’ and took roughly one Summer to make. It’s been a real learning experience and the most memorable EP making process I’ve had so far thanks to Michael Bell and Start Together Studio Belfast

I’ll be very happy and proud to have it out in the world!

The pre save link for Spotify is here:

(Apple Music folks please bear with me, hoping to get a pre save sorted for that this week) and sharing it with your nearest and dearest is down to you 🫵

Also if you pre order it on Bandcamp here:

you’ll get the first track immediately! 😵‍💫 Sounds like a good deal to me.

I’ll be back to check on yous in a little bit x