Kid Apollo

About Kid Apollo

Kid Apollo is the alias of Rory Mullan, the 26 year old songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Derry, Ireland. Working as a one-man-band of sorts, Kid Apollo writes, records and produces all his music himself and puts it out into the world when he just can’t keep sitting on it anymore (or when he’s sick of listening to it).

While he’s been compared to a multitude of different artists, his main influences include the likes of Damon Albarn, The Strokes, St. Vincent, David Bowie and Arcade Fire.

In 2022, he released two EPs; ‘Sounds of Silent Bloom’ and ‘Four Fires’, both heralding sonically and lyrically intriguing music that’s helped Kid Apollo firmly carve out his own niche. His latest single ‘Melancholy Operator’ is the latest example of the genre-twisting, colourful world in which Kid Apollo’s music inhabits. The mix is simple yet stacked with a variety of sounds that create a unique sonic pallet, paired with simple, honest lyrics wrapped around layered vocal hooks, resulting in music that yearns to stick in the head for days after listening.

Kid Apollo has been consistently praised for his ability to draw from countless influences and yet sound completely like himself, while always putting melody and songwriting structure at the forefront of his music. In 2023, this Derry artist aims to firmly put his stamp on the Irish musical map!