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Sounds of Silent Bloom EP is now out!

I was hoping it would coincide with the end of Winter but she's a stormy mistress out there today. Ah well, can't plan these things.
Everything you hear is written, recorded and produced by myself.
Mastering is by the ever reliable Marsden Mastering (Instagram: @marsdenmastering) making it the first EP I've ever had professionally mastered, you can certainly hear the difference!

The artwork is courtesy of the beautiful wilds of Donegal.

The link to stream and buy is below. Thanks so much guys if you give it a listen.


New Video for "Catching Buses" is out now!

They told me I was crazy. They said I couldn't make a video so low budget that the budget was non-existent.
I said we can go lower.



And here we have the video for Catching Buses. AKA, "How Many Copyright Strikes Can I Get?"
Let me know if you can spot any references you know!

Happy viewings,
KA x

New Single "Catching Buses" is out now!

Craic! First of all folks, happy new year to you, hope you've kept well and been dodging the big C. I for one am choosing to enter 2022 with an optimistic mindset, and to help me do that I've released my first song of the year, 'Catching Buses'!

It's very much the anti-procrastination song. Musically it belongs in the world of the indie rock (think The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand) and with any luck it'll get ya bouncin'.

Written, recorded and mixed by myself and mastered again by the top man:
Instagram: @marsdenmastering

Listen below!

Buy it on Bandcamp here

"Wrong Foot Forward" is out now!


Just some of the ways I can channel my emotions at this finally being out.

Written, recorded and mixed by myself and mastered by the top man:
Instagram: @marsdenmastering

Be sure to head to the Music page to listen to the song on your music service of choice.


Buy it on Bandcamp here

"Aquarius" - EP Out Now!

The new EP is fiiiinally out! For some reason this last month has felt longer than all the rest, but at long last, the day has come and I can finally stop posting announcements about it! 👊🏻

Listen to it, ignore it, be inspired by it, do the dishes do it, buy it, slag it off anonymously in the YouTube comments; it’s now yours!

Listen to or purchase “Aquarius” via the link below, and wrap your ears around 6 months of work ♒️

Click here to buy it on Bandcamp
Click here to stream it on the platform of your choice

Much love,

"To the Moon & Back" - Single Out Now!

“To the Moon & Back” and it’s companion radio edit are out now digitally on Apple Music / Spotify / YouTube / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Deezer and everywhere I ticked the box (probably even Amazon but realistically Bezos doesn’t need the extra cash)

Let me know what you think - I hope it gets you PuMpED for the rest of the EP to arrive in TWO WEEKS!

Click here to listen via the streaming service of your choice

Much love x
KA 💖

YAHNY Podcast + BBC Radio Ulster News!

How’s the new week treating ya’s? Some news: I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the @yahnypodcast where we chatted about important topics such as my influences, where I got my name, and most importantly the best way to make a crisp sandwich. Thank to Jack and Sean for having me on, make sure to click here to follow them on Instagram and listen via the link in their bio

Secondly, thank you to Across The Line on BBC Radio Ulster for giving my new song “To the Moon & Back” some airtime last night on BBC Radio Ulster. You’ll be able to hear it in full on all streaming services this Friday 11th June, ahead of the release of the “Aquarius” EP on 25th June! 🌝

Hope you all enjoy - sit comfortably and mind your posture now x

New EP "Aquarius" - Out 25th June

My new EP “Aquarius” will be releasing on 25th June ♒️
This is basically the sound of my head for the last 5-6 months. I’m so happy for it to finally be finished and I even think I’m happy with how it sounds 😲

1. To the Moon & Back
2. Crying
3. No Planes in the Sky
4. Aquarius
5. By a Thread (Hangin’ On)

You can pre-save it by clicking here

I can’t wait to reveal more about it and have everyone hear it 🤩

More very soon,
KA x

"By A Thread (Hangin' On)" - Out Now!

Today’s a day for many things - including the release of the new Kid Apollo single “By a Thread (Hangin’ On)” which I can happily report IS OUT NOW EVERYWHERE YAHOOOOOOOOOO check the link on the "Music" page for streaming options!

Sunny day, get the tune playing, have at it x

KA ❤️

The official music video of "Shameless" by Kid Apollo

A massive thank you to the talents of my good friend Rory Maguire of Rory Maguire Visuals. It was his first time directing, filming and editing a music video and this was the gorgeous end result. Don't know where I'd be without him.

I hope you all enjoy x

"Shameless" - New single out now!

My new single “Shameless” is out right now. Won’t you have a little listen? There’s no shame in it. You can find it here!

New Single "Shameless" - 26/2/2021

Kid Apollo's new single "Shameless" will be releasing on 26th February 2021. Watch this incredibly informative video for more information.

Pre-Save link: Click here!

ANGOLA "World Exclusive" on BBC Across The Line

ANGOLA received some radio play as one of the "World Exclusive" songs this week (1st Feb) on ATL Introducing. If you missed it live, catch up on the show here.

Brand new single "ANGOLA" out now!

My brand new single "ANGOLA" is out on all streaming platforms now! It's a short sunshiney bop designed to counter the post-Christmas/lockdown/January blues, inspired by a big yellow taxi and a vampirish weekend.

New Single “Angola” - 15/1/2021

Happy New Year one and all! To start things off right, my new sunny single “Angola” will be released on 15th January 2021, in hopes that we can bop our way out of Winter lockdown. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! x

About Kid Apollo

Kid Apollo is a solo artist hailing from Derry, Ireland. He writes, records and produces all his music from a beat-up laptop in a cramped bedroom.

The Derry artist blends many genres and styles of music together in order to match his creative vision. No two songs are the same, yet each carry an unmistakable flow and melodic drive that Kid Apollo is making into his very own sound.

In a short amount of time, Kid Apollo's music has found its way on to various Spotify playlists, Reddit front pages and, although slightly reluctant to admit it, several TikToks. Beginning a solo career in 2020 wasn't easy, but for him it was worth the journey. In 2021, Kid Apollo hopes that he can bring his music to a wider (and hopefully live) audience and expand his musical repertoire even further.