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The face of someone who’s very tired but is doing a little posey anyway because Instagram favours pictures of faces over my actual music or art but that’s just the game we must play

Anyway just want to make a post saying that yes my new song with Arn is out, and I appreciate the love so far but MORE IS ALWAYS NICE too so yeno, don’t hold back 🤗

Listen to Like an Old Dog:

And secondly of all, I’ll be playing again in Sandinos NEXT FRIDAY as part of Féile 23. Do come along if you’re free because early bird tickets (*cough* link in my bio) are only like a fiver and that’s peanuts for the amount of music and craic you’ll be getting that night.

Buy some tickies:

Summer’s closing in fast, make some more mems quick (with Kid Apollo x)


Look at this blurry dude! He has a secret!

Tha’s right. This post is really a new single announcement 😨

I will be releasing “Like An Old Dog” on 9th August as a new single – but not just a Kid Apollo single…

I was very fortunate to be able collaborate with Donegal wordsmith and smooth vocal provider Arn. on this track. It really wouldn’t be what it is without his contribution (and WHAT a contribution).

It doesn’t sound like anything I’ve released in the last couple of years but it’s got a big massive funkin bass line that plays in my head whenever I close my eyes at night. In a few weeks, it can play in your head too x

Pre save link is below:

get on it and I’ll give ye more information and clips and content soon okaybyeeeeeefor now



If you’re about Belfast on 14th July, I’ll be playing my first ever gig in Belfast (and outside Derry) 🫢 in The Pavilion supporting HOTEL MAZE with Quiet Neighbours & Von Loop !

Mon down for a boogie or several!

It’s Oh So Quiet…

Been a bit quiet the last while, but do not fret (not that you were) things are a-happenin even if you can’t see them.

Also this brilliant weather has hit my productivity like a sledgehammer so my ambition has taken a bit of a dip BUT it remains alive.

So, plenty more to come from me soon.

The Summer has just begun…

1 Week of Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming has already been out a week! The name is a bit ironic seeing as the song itself really wasn’t a long time coming at all; the whole process of writing it and finishing it took place during March of this year, which is an insane turnaround time for me 🤣

Massive thanks to everyone has listened or given kind words about it. If you haven’t yet – don’t worry! You can still do so for the rest of time. Link here to listen:🥰

This pic was taken during the after-gig celebrations last Sundays. Let’s keep the good vibes going 😎

ka x

Long Time Coming – Out Now

Long Time Coming is out today! I’m just doing my stretches out in the wild to get myself in the release day zone. The hard part’s done now – the song is out on all platforms, now it’s up to you to listen! The link is here:

but you’ll find it on Spotify/YouTube/Apple Music etc.

Make sure to tag me in your stories or comments if you share!

Many thanks to Marsden Mastering for helping me put the cherry on top of yet another tune. I love this song and am really happy with how it turned out. 🥰

Speak soon!



What a beautiful night supporting David Kitt alongside Paul Campbell Music in Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company yesterday evening!

Thanks so much to everyone who turned up, the response was v heartwarming 🥹

I also debuted my new single “Long Time Coming” which will be out in less than 2 days! That snuck up quick. Last chance to pre save here!…/kidapollo/long-time-coming-2

Long Time Coming – 3rd May 2023

Hey all. I have a new single called “Long Time Coming” releasing on 3rd May 2023 (that’s a Wednesday just FYI).

More info soon. Though you can watch almost any reel I’ve made in the last few weeks to hear clips of it 😚

Pre-save link here:

KA x